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Bejot DUAL DU 103



The inspiration to make the DUAL armchair comes from the idea to harmoniously join two different floors together. Consequently, we made an armchair with a perfectly modelled backrest and a characteristic back where the plastic panel perfectly matches the soft upholstery. Dual is available in two models: for managers ? with DU103 headrest and for staff ? without DU102 headrest. Thanks to the applied technical solutions Dual is characterized by a high level of ergonomics that guarantees comfort and relaxation when sitting. Dual is a model in which the backside of the backrest is perfect for the company identification through setting in logo embroidery ? this is our only model where logo embroidery is made for you free of charge. 





Dual is one of the armchairs branded as Black & White, which means that it is available in two colours:

Black ? with black backrest

White ? with white backrest