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The SELVA collection constitutes a response to the need for better comfort of work through improving acoustic conditions in open-space offices.   
The SELVA sound system comprises three collections of various purposes:  
  • free-standing screens,
  • wall panels,
  • suspended ceiling panels.
This makes SELVA a complete system that enables shaping acoustics in rooms, and, consequently, reducing various acoustic defects inside rooms.   

In offices, particularly in open-space offices, noise frequently does not allow the staff to concentrate and work effectively. SELVA ceiling panels perfectly absorb sound, reduce its spread in space, positively affect the users’ comfort, and hence their efficiency. 
The construction of ceiling panels is the consequence of intensive work of the Bejot design team on the basis of scientific research conducted, among others, by the Department of Furniture Design, Poznań University of Life Sciences and by the Department of Mechanics and Vibroacoustics, AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow. This makes the SELVA solution effective with respect to its acoustics and construction. These ceiling panels that have the same construction as wall panels effectively absorb sound, reduce unpleasant reflections, e.g. they effectively reduce the reverberation period inside the room. This makes work more pleasant and effective.
They are available in three shapes: rectangular, square, and round. The various dimensions of the panels, the possibility of hanging at various heights and a vast array of the colours of fabrics enable their users to create interesting ceiling arrangements that serve as decorative space elements. 
SELVA is designed for offices and public spaces where modern workplaces and a design approach based on team work entail the need for minimising distraction and ensuring free communication between employees.